Our Mission


Defence Strikers is a platform where Defence Aspirants join together to achieve a common goal that is to join Defence Forces.

We are here to engage you together with ourselves and share most relevant, practical and interesting knowledge about Defence Forces.

Defence Strikers gives every Aspirant an opportunity to interact with each other and share their view about.

There are 3 things that makes a person perfect communication skills, confidence and most importantly knowledge that you are getting here. At the same time when one share something with other it gives him more deep knowledge about that subject. It is well said :


We are not only limited to this Platform but we also interact on YouTube, Social Media and sometime Live.

People sharing their knowledge here are not professional but what they have learned would be shared and it is advisable to each and every person that don’t believe on anyone blindly.

keeping this in mind we started this project. Let’s work together towards a common GOAL.

                                                                            “JOIN DEFENCE FORCES”

Ravindra kumar (Founder)

I am Ravindra kumar pursuing commerce degree from University of Delhi.

By profession I am a Digital marketer and Web Developer. I am very enthusiastic in exploring the world virtually through internet and learning something new everyday. I focus on social issues in all over the world and reading more about its 5W and 1H, so that i could share more and more knowledge with you all. 

With every post I’ll try to add something to your knowledge before you leave, that’s my aim.

I am a Defence Aspirant and want to interact with lots of Defence Aspirants and experienced people to learn new everyday.

I am a part time YouTube content creator. 

I am also a marathon runner.

” Always push yourself from your comfort zone”