Top 10 Most powerful country in the world 2020

A country is most powerful in the world or not is determined by its defence forces and many other factors. It is dependent on its Army, Navy, Air Force and even Cost Guards. Top most countries have Strong Army that safeguards the land territory, Air Force that is an Eagle in the sky and obviously Navy is like a Shark protecting its water borders.

Power Index determines the most powerful country in the world. A Perfect Power Index is 0.0000 . Those countries more closer to this number are more powerful.

According to Global Firepower’s 2020 reports , Power Index is formulated in mix of manpower, equipment, natural resources , finance, geography and 50 + other individual factors.

While selecting the Top 10 most powerful country in the world 2020 by military, we have taken into consideration the statistics and numbers that are estimated and they keep on changing everyday.

It’s been hard to do head to head comparison of Top 10 most powerful country in the world.

These are Most powerful country in the world :


10. Brazil

Brazil stands at Number 10 among most powerful countries in the world. Brazil is among the best armies in the world and conducts military exercises with the armies of  many countries.

Power Index : 0.1988

Total Population : 208.8 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 1.67 million (est.)

Fighter Planes : 43

Tank : 437

Aircraft Carrier : 0

Submarine : 6

Defence Budget : $27.8 billion (est.)


Fact : Brazil has never, ever lost a War.

9. Egypt

Egypt which is not that aggresive with other countries but it continually maintain its Army, Navy and Air Force. It secures the position at number 9 among the most powerful country in 2020.

Power Index  : 0.1875

Total Population : 99.4 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 920 thousand (est.)

Fighter Planes : 215

Tank : 4295

Aircraft Carrier : 2

Submarine : 8

Defence Budget : $11.2 billion (est.)


Fact : Military service is mandatory in Egypt for men aged 18 to 3o for one to three years.

8. United Kingdom

UK that always is known for Royal Army is also among the powerful country in the world and secures the position at number 8. UK has always dominated over other counties in the past.

Power Index : 0.1717

Total Population  : 65.1 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 275.6 thousand (est.)

Fighter Planes : 133

Tank : 227

Aircraft Carrier : 2

Submarine : 10

Defence Budget : $55.1 billion (est.)


Fact : UK is among those countries that recruits foreign citizens into their army.

7. France

France is the most capable nation in Europe. France has the modern tanks and aircraft that makes it the number 7 in this list among the most powerful country in the world.

Power Index : 0.1702

Total Population : 67.3 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 451.6 thousand (est.)

Fighter Planes : 269

Tank  : 528

Aircraft Carrier : 4

Submarine : 9

Defence Budget : $41.5 billion (est.)


Fact : France is most successful military power in the world in terms of battles fought and won. OUr of 168 battles , they have won 109 , lost 49 and drawn 10.

6. South Korea

South Korea is dominating in water and is securing number 6 position in the world among the most powerful country in the world 2020. It is also has expertise in the latest technologies.

 Power Index  : 0.1509

Total Population  : 51.4 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 3.68 million (est.)

Fighter Planes  : 414

Tank  : 2614

Aircraft Carrier : 2

Submarine : 22

Defence Budget : $44 billion (est.)


Fact : US forces have a major presence in south Korea around 24000 american soldiers, airman and mariners

5. Japan

Japan that is known for its high technologies in the world and powerful bullet trains in the world. It makes powerful military equipment for land, air and water. Although it doesn’t have a big military yet securing the position at number 5.

 Power Index : 0.1501

Total Population : 126.1 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 300.1 thousand (est.)

Fighter Planes : 279

Tank : 1004

Aircraft Carrier  : 4

Submarine  : 20

Defence Budget :  $49 billion (est


Fact : Japan isn't legally allowed to have a military

4. India

India known for its diverse culture is also among the most powerful country in the world securing the position at number 4. It has a very big army after China. In the coming year it can become the largest army in the world because the largest number of youngster in the world.

Power Index  : 0.0953

Total Population  : 1.29 billion (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 3.89 million (est.)

Fighter Planes : 538

Tank  : 4292

Aircraft Carrier  : 1

Submarine  : 16

Defence Budget : $61 billion (est.)


Fact : Indian army have never initiated the first attack or engaged in a military coup to gain power or govern a nation.

3. China

China which is a 15 trillion (est.) economy. It has the largest Army in the world 2020. Securing the position at number 3. It is also among the Top 10 strongest Army in the world 2020. 

Power Index : 0.0691

Total Population : 1.39 billion (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 2.69 million (est.)

Fighter Planes  : 1232

Tank : 3500

Aircraft Carrier  : 2

Submarine :  74

Defence Budget : 237 billion (est


Fact : China have worlds largest land force

2. Russia

Russia known for its strongest army in the world because of its military equipment. It supplies military equipment to many countries and is Securing the position at number 2. Russia has the powerful land operated military equipment in the world. 

Power Index  : 0.0681

Total Population : 142.1 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel :3.01 million (est.)

Fighter Planes  : 873

Tank : 12950

Aircraft Carrier : 1

Submarine : 62

Defence Budget : $48 billion (est.)


Fact : Largest country in the world by area. Russian army have the most number of nuclear weapon in the world.

1. USA (United states of america)

US ranks at number 1, becoming the most powerful country in the world for many years. It has dominated in each and every field, from defense to finance. It also provide military services to many countries and also supplies military equipment. It’s been a top position making it’s presence all over the world and has most powerful Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Power Index : 0.0606

Total Population : 332.6 million (est.)

Total Military Personnel : 2.26 million (est.)

Fighter Planes :  2085

Tank  : 6289

Aircraft Carrier : 20

Submarine : 66

Defence Budget : $750 billion (est.)


Fact : US spends more on budget than the sum of other 9 countries mentioned above.

These are the Top most Country in the world 2020 listed above. These countries are contributing in the development of this unique world. 

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